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Call 0333 444 1067 – Office Hours Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

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Catch up on our webinar: Demystifying the Menopause, Mood and Cognition

The menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life but many aspects of it are still taboo – in particular the impact of menopause on mental health, mood and cognition. But the impact of these symptoms can’t also be underestimated.

Did you know that as they go through the menopause transition:

  • 73% of women experience brain fog
  • 50% of women experience mood symptoms
  • 40-50% of women experience memory and concentration issues

Menopausal women are frequently misdiagnosed as suffering from depression and anxiety, when in fact the mood changes and other psychological symptoms they are experiencing are likely to be a result of the fluctuations in their oestrogen levels. The solution often offered is a prescription for antidepressants when HRT or other approaches might offer a more appropriate solution.

In this interactive and informative workshop, Dr Clare Spencer, co-founder of My Menopause Centre, and Dr Hayley Dare, a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist and founder of Neurequity:

  • Called out why it’s time to kickstart the conversation and reframe attitudes
  • Demystified the menopause and its impact on mental health, mood and cognition
  • Shared the latest thinking on how to prepare for and manage these symptoms, showing it’s a time to thrive not just survive – from lifestyle changes to HRT, and CBT to mindfulness and meditation Dr Clare and Dr Hayley left no stone unturned!

Plus, our audience had many great questions, so stay tuned to the end!

Here are the links we shared in the webinar:


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