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An overview of menopause tests

Blood tests can be helpful in diagnosing your menopause symptoms and in deciding the best menopause treatment for you.


When it comes to determining if, and where, you are in the menopause transition your symptoms are the most important factor and give us the biggest clues about how we can help. But of course, there are other ways to find out if you are menopausal and what’s happening in your body. One way we do that is with blood testing. Blood tests can be useful:

  • In helping to diagnose the menopause if you are under 45.
  • In indicating whether testosterone therapy is likely to be helpful.
  • In helping to work out whether you can stop using contraception if you are not bleeding on certain types of hormonal contraception.

There are also other clinical circumstances where measuring hormones is helpful. Blood tests are also an essential tool for some of our hormone therapy treatment options and because your general health is also important to us, blood tests can help us to advise you on some of the long-term health risks of menopause, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

Your doctor or nurse will discuss whether blood tests will be helpful for you during your consultation.

The three types of blood tests

Depending on your symptoms, general health, and desired treatment, our doctors and nurses will recommend which type of test is best for you. Our blood tests are arranged using Medichecks. After your appointment, Medichecks will contact you directly with instructions about how to complete the blood tests.

1. Venous sampling

Venous sampling is the most common type of blood test and the one you’re probably familiar with as the samples are taken with a syringe. Our venous sampling is done with Medichecks, which has centres across the UK. Find your closest Medichecks centre here.

2. Home venous testing

Home sampling is like regular venous sampling, except that a nurse will travel to your home to collect the sample.

3. Finger prick testing

With this type of test, drops of blood are squeezed from your fingertip into small blood vials. This test is not usually recommended for hormone testing but can be used for other health checks.

If you choose finger prick testing, then the instructions and blood-taking vials are sent to your home and all you’ll need to do is post them back to the address given when completed. Everything is explained clearly in the blood-taking kits.

How much do blood tests cost?

The price of blood testing depends on the type of testing you end up using. You can see a full list of costs on our pricing page.

This is not an exhaustive list of the types of blood tests we offer at My Menopause Centre. The tests most suitable for you will be discussed during your appointment.

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