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Call 0333 444 1067 – Office Hours Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

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Register now for our FREE event: Demystifying HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

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Join us for a FREE empowering webinar with the experts where we demystify Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), get you the facts behind it and debunk common myths.

In this engaging and interactive session, Dr. Manisha Singh and Helen Normoyle will cover:

✨ What HRT is and how it works

✨ The different types of HRT available (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and vaginal oestrogens) and what they can help with

✨ The benefits of HRT in managing menopause symptoms

✨ The risks of HRT and the most common HRT side-effects and how to deal with them

✨ Busting HRT myths

✨ Prescribable alternatives to HRT (including the latest on the recently launched product for hot flushes, Veoza)

✨ The questions Dr Manisha gets asked most frequently

Plus, there’ll be time for YOUR questions! 🙋‍♀️

Knowledge is empowering 💪- register now to reserve your spot.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Event speakers

Dr Manisha Singh

Dr Manisha Singh

Consultant in Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) and Community Gynaecology ,My Menopause Centre

Dr Manisha Singh is a Consultant in Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) and Community Gynaecology with over 13 years of experience as the Lead Clinician and NHS Consultant. She is passionate about all aspects of women’s health through all life stages and the menopause in particular.

She has been a Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists since 1998 and is also a Fellow of the Faculty of SRH. She is active in teaching and training and regularly organises and chairs regional training days and meetings. She is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds Medical school and is the Training Programme Director for postgraduate training and is incredibly proud of being a part of shaping the future consultant workforce in community SRH. She is a Council member at the Faculty of SRH and has other responsible Faculty roles.

Within her NHS Consultant role, Dr Manisha focuses on women’s health and complex contraception and is responsible for clinical supervision and governance as well as assuring high standard, evidence-based clinical care. Dr Manisha has experience in the different, often unrecognisable ways menopause can present, the negative impact this can have and the life-changing benefits of tailored and collaborative clinical management. She feels strongly about raising menopause awareness and easing access to holistic and empathetic care.

Helen Normoyle

Helen Normoyle

Co-founder My Menopause Centre

Helen co-founded My Menopause Centre with her good friend, Dr Clare Spencer. She is on a mission to raise awareness of menopause and help empower women with the knowledge they need to embrace this new chapter and thrive. Helen is particularly passionate about supporting women in the workplace and helping employers understand the benefits of having a positive menopause policy. Helen has held Chief Marketing Officer roles in a range of sectors with Boots, the BBC, DFS and Countrywide. She has also worked in broadcast and telecoms regulation at Ofcom and in the mobile technology sector with Motorola.

Register now for our FREE event: Demystifying HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

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