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The 3-minute workout that can transform your health

Lavina Mehta, a midlife personal trainer and health coach, struggled to find time to exercise but wanted to look after herself. The answer? Exercise snacking – small pockets of movement throughout the day. It’s been a game-changer for her, her clients and community and can be for us too. Here Lavina reveals why she believes this is the answer to exercise in the menopause and shares one of her favourite ‘snacks’. Working out never looked so easy!

‘Let me tell you properly about the healthiest type of snacking there is . . . exercise snacking.

It’s free, accessible, easy and quick to build into your everyday life. Rather than doing 30‒60 minutes of exercise all in one agon-izing go, you can break your session into smaller bite-size snacks throughout the day.

Studies have shown that these snacks have the same, if not even greater, health benefits. I think this is life changing. And I want this to change your life too! Think of exercise snacks as a treat for your body and mind.’


Ad Break Snack

The perfect snack for the ad breaks. Or 3 minutes to get up and move every half-hour during your Netflix marathon!

This is a full body blitz of top cardio and strength moves.

What you need:

Optional weights, light dumbbells or tin cans work well.

How to do it:

Snack on 6 exercises, up to 30 seconds each, back-to-back. (You can rest afterwards, when you’re back to bingeing on TV. Obviously, rest if you really need to and build up to this goal.)

Always maintain proper form and technique. Mix up the tempo, going faster or even slower on the strength moves to maximize time under tension for the muscles. Enjoy the variety!

Marching and boxing: March feet (fast or slow from your seat) while punching your arms out – tins or light dumbbells are perfect for this. Vary the punches forwards, upwards, sideways.

Sit and stands: Stand up from the sofa, squeezing your glutes at the top, keeping your knees out in line with your toes, with your weight in your heels, and then come back down to touch the sofa. Keep repeating.

Star jumps: Step one or both feet in and out, with arms meeting to clap above your head – low or high impact, with or without jumps!

Press-ups: Keep your back straight and your core tight; bring your chest between your hands; bend your arms at 90 degrees; try on an incline, with hands or feet on the sofa. (The latter is harder!)

Plank or mountain climbers: Get into a plank position by maintaining a straight line from the back of your head to your heels; with hands on the sofa, draw one knee up to the chest. Keep alternating, or just hold your plank.

Dips off the sofa: Sit on the sofa edge and shuffle your body off; use your arm strength to help you lower and bring yourself back up while keeping the elbows facing back behind you and fingers facing towards your body. You can try this with legs bent or straight.


  • Breaks up long periods of sitting and slouching
  • Keeps the body and muscles moving and strong when we are seated
  • Helps alleviate the niggles and pains we get from sitting still
  • Improves functional movements to help everyday tasks
  • Helps increase muscle mass
  • Keeps bones strong
  • Boosts your mood
  • Helps control blood sugar levels

For all the science, research and studies referenced head to

Lavina Mehta book cover

Extracted from The Feel Good Fix by Lavina Mehta, published by Penguin Life,

RRP £16.99.

Photo: Christina Solomons



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