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Call 0333 444 1067 – Office Hours Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

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CHX Performance

For business leaders who feel that menopause symptoms are exacerbating the ‘normal’ stress of business such as feeling a loss of confidence or even occasionally being overwhelmed, 121 executive coaching can help. That's why we have partnered with CHX Performance. Their specialist executive leadership coaching programme is focused on understanding and managing the biology that underpins leadership. This gives clients insights, strategies and practical tools to manage their mood, emotion, energy, performance and stress.

About CHX Performance

CHX Performance has run their Scientist of Yourself® leadership development and coaching programmes since 2016, developing leaders’ understanding and management of the biology that underpins leadership; from sustainable high performance and burnout prevention through to ‘human centric’ leadership – leading by how you make others feel.

Data, such as that from & McKinsey’s 2021 report “Women in the Workplace”, shows that nearly half of female senior leaders feel burned out. When the menopause is added to the complex mix of pressures that the modern business leader faces, it can be very challenging to sustain a sense of wellbeing, let alone high performance. Through their Scientist of Yourself® business leader coaching, CHX Performance provides a proven and practical intervention to support female business leaders through a period of time when they should be able to achieve their best work, but often don’t feel able to do so.

About the team

CHX Performance is made up of scientists, experienced business leaders and educators which is reflected in the content and its application in their Scientist of Yourself® coaching delivery.

The core team is Damien Stork, co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Hook Director of Learning & Programmes, Professor Chris Beedie (Cognition and Neuroscience, Kent) and Professor Emma Cohen (Cognitive Anthropology, Oxford). Chris and Emma provide the carefully curated scientific research that underpins CHX Scientist of Yourself® leadership coaching and development programmes which are delivered by Damien and Jonathan as lead facilitators, supported by a growing network of associate expert coaches and facilitators.

Female Leaders and work-based stress

CHX Scientist of Yourself® coaching is for leaders who are feeling the impact of menopause adding to the significant stresses already faced by business executives, making things feel out of balance or even overwhelming. & McKinsey’s 2021 report“Women in the Workplace” shows that 49% of female senior leaders feel burned out. To start tackling this challenge requires specific focus by the individual on themselves as a prerequisite to being able to look outwards at their people. Getting this wrong not only risks exacerbating the individual’s health challenges, but could also have detrimental effects on the team, and indeed their career.

CHX clients in the menopause transition and have found these (now common) situations to be particularly stressful:

  • An executive who has been subject to relentless high pressure for a prolonged period
  • A leader who is emotionally taxed from delivering significant change with high human impact
  • A committed leader who has been consistently going beyond her expected responsibilities for task and team and has paid little attention to themselves
  • An international exec who is regularly travelling across time zones.

What is the CHX Scientist of Yourself® coaching intervention?

Scientist of Yourself® coaching is typically between three and five, one-hour sessions that develop self-awareness and self-management of mood and emotion. All sessions employ the 4R Model as the central framework and are supported with online learning with each client receiving a tailored programme.

The initial sessions focus on mood, energy and stress, exploring the links between these three critical health and performance variables and our biological, physical and social environments. To support this development, clients are provided with mastery-level training on the use of MoJo, a CHX Performance Scientist of Yourself® proprietary app. Based on mood measurement methods used in clinical psychiatry and psychology for over 50 years, MoJo has been repurposed by the CHX Director of Science for use in the corporate environment. MoJo is a powerful and practical tool for developing awareness and management of mood and its inputs, behaviours and consequences.

The later sessions focus on emotions and the complex relationship between mood and emotion and how they influence each other and our biology. Through detailed exploration of the client’s core needs, the CHX Scientist of Yourself® coach will unpick the triggers arising from the client’s current personal and professional context.

What should clients expect from CHX Scientist of Yourself® coaching?

  • Ongoing use of the Scientist of Yourself® modular content, MoJo, models and frameworks to help support the coachee in controlling and optimising how they feel in the context of life and work
  • Developed ability to recognise, assess and accurately attribute mood and emotion, specifically understanding and mastering negativity bias
  • Mastery of mood
    • the inputs of mood from their biological, physical and social environments
    • understanding the six components of mood and what they mean for performance, behaviour and emotional responses
    • practical strategies to manage mood, stress and energy to sustain high performance and quality of life
  • Mastery of emotion
    • deeper understanding of the impact their emotions have on mood and behaviour
    • practical frameworks to understand the core human needs and what triggers them
    • clarity and practical strategies to manage emotion through regulation and resolution
  • As leaders
    • The impacts above will profoundly shift the understanding of how and why they make others feel and thus the ability to lead by how you make others feel
    • Developed knowledge, language and confidence to use it when discussing mood, emotion, health and performance with team
    • Understanding the biological foundations for key leadership and organisational attributes, which are all felt, such as: engagement, inclusion, equity, collaboration, effective communication and psychological safety


CHX Scientist of Yourself® coaching per 60 min session £450

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