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Lauren Chiren

Lauren is founder and CEO of and works with organisations globally to help them become menopause inclusive, and provides solutions for women, transgender men and nonbinary people to successfully navigate their menopause journey. Lauren is in her early 50’s and lives with her son in southwest England.

1. The best thing about the menopause 

Despite my own menopausal journey being a total nightmare, when I eventually found out what I was going through and took back control, it gave me the chance to rethink my career and redefine what success meant to me. I got to research menopause, retrain, and now speak out globally on the topic, an extraordinarily fulfilling role and something that I’d never imagined myself doing.

I now love that I get to help employers support their employees to successfully navigate menopause as well as providing people going through it with their very own personal menopause plan.

All of this means I get to be more present for my son, am in charge of my own time, and get to work with incredible people from all around the world, every, single day!

2. The hardest thing about the menopause was….

Simply not knowing that that was what I was experiencing!

I mistook my early menopause (possibly premature – we’ll never really know as I was on contraception that meant I didn’t have a  monthly bleed, so I didn’t know my periods had stopped) for early-onset dementia and left my job as a result, in my early 40’s.

I was a senior executive in financial services at the time and a sole parent of a child with lifelong medical needs, so I was fearful that I’d have to find someone else to bring up my son and that I’d end up sitting in the corner of a home somewhere, being looked after by strangers. It was incredibly worrying and stressful.

3. My lightbulb moment was….

When I went back to my GP for my third visit in as many months, to hear the results of the bloods he had been taking.

I sat there, fully expecting to be told I had dementia. Instead, he said: “To be sure Lauren, you haven’t got dementia, you’ve just been through the menopause!”

I was utterly delighted and punched the air with joy. I was literally the happiest menopausal woman in the UK!

That was the moment I had the idea for – an organisation that was focussed on bringing people together, to demystify menopause, and make sure no other person goes through what I did, and no other employer loses valuable talent, just through lack of understanding of menopause. We’ve gone from strength to strength having worked with hundreds of organisations in every continent and have helped countless women, through our training, mentoring and coaching.

I’ve had lots of feedback from events I’ve run over the years,  but my favourite is when I get a man, or partner come up to me after a session and say: ‘I think you might just have saved my marriage.’ I get told that a lot. We can’t underestimate the ripple of effect of the menopause and that’s why my work is so important to me.

4. My selfcare superhero is…..

A combo of good sleep, making sure I am well hydrated by drinking lots of lovely hot and cold water drinks, often infused with fruit, vegetable and herbs from the garden. I don’t believe in drinking ‘x’ amount of water, I simply make sure my wee is running a pale yellow or clear!

I love to mix up my training and do something every day: strength training, stretching and a good brisk walk or gentle jog. I’m & continually decluttering that which does not serve me!

I’m an executive health coach with a background in psychology and neuroscience (specialising in menopause obviously!) and former personal trainer, nutritional advisor and sports therapist, so I have always recognised the links between real self-care and overall wellbeing. Selfcare isn’t something frivolous – it’s essential.

Despite what anyone says or believes, when we listen to our body, tap into our mind, slow down, we get more done first time round, feel calmer and are more fun to be around.

5. I couldn’t live without…

My son & me-time!

I simply adore taking myself off for a long walk-in nature, hiking up a mountain or two – or three – as I did within 24 hours in 2021 when I completed the National Three Peaks, Ben Nevis, Scafell & Snowdon.

Equally, I get an energy boost from taking my son to Craigellachie in the Scottish Highlands. We stay in a fabulous wee private lodge, with our own private chef and it’s nestled in acres of gorgeous trees and shrubbery. The views along the River Spey are simply stunning!

We love to just connect with ourselves, each other and nature.


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